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Student Advisor (SA)

One of the two Student Advisors (SAs) is selected by the Board of Directors each spring. SAs serve for two years and provide the student voice as voting members of the Board of Directors. They also chair the important Student Leadership Committee. SAs must be full-time student members of active chapters and must be willing advocates for the needs and concerns of the student members of Sigma Tau Delta. The two SAs work together promoting the goals of the Society among its members.


  1. Represent the student members of Sigma Tau Delta by attending all Board meetings. This is the number one priority of the Student Advisor. To best represent the students, the Student Advisor should contact all of the Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives prior to any Board meeting, soliciting their advice and suggestions.
  2. Serve as chair of the Student Leadership Committee. Duties include:
    • keeping in touch with Student Leadership Committee members;
    • organizing and implementing the Student Leadership Workshop for the convention;
    • helping perform Student Leadership Committee tasks requested by the Board;
    • encouraging regional conferences;
    • encouraging chapter recruitment; and
    • encouraging chapter exchanges.
  3. Serve on the Communications Committee.
  4. Serve the Board by being a member of any other committees, as needed.
  5. Oversee the Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives. The Student Advisor should keep in touch with all of the Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives, making sure that: 
    • Student Representatives are elected to replace any representatives who can no longer serve;
    • Student Representatives keep in contact with the Regent and chapters in their region;
    • Student Representatives, Associate Student Representatives, and Regents communicate with each other (updated address lists should be sent to the Student Representatives and Regents); and
    • Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives are given guidance in their duties and in any activities they help with, such as conventions, newsletters, etc.
  6. Maintain communication with the Regents and all of the Board members.
  7. Encourage Sigma Tau Delta activity within the Student Advisor's own chapter and region.
  8. Prepare the next Student Advisor for the position. This involves sending a letter to encourage people to apply for the position, as well as saving all letters and materials accumulated over the previous years.
  9. Respond to student inquiries regarding the Society.
  10. Provide items to regional and international newsletters.
  11. If the Student Advisor will no longer be able to serve the Society well, he/she should notify the Board immediately.