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2017-2018 BWB Campus Textbook Drives

University of Denver Alpha Delta Kappa Chapter BWB Bookdrive

Better World Books

Every year more Sigma Tau Delta chapters are stepping up to provide their campuses with a socially and environmentally responsible outlet for textbooks through a Better World Books (BWB) textbook drive. The program is completely free to chapters and has raised more than 18 million dollars for non-profit literacy initiatives and libraries worldwide. BWB provides all the supplies needed for chapters to run a successful textbook drive (collection bins, posters, shipping boxes, and social media messaging strategy) and covers all shipping costs. The collected textbooks are shipped to the BWB warehouse and are listed for sale on over fifty online marketplaces. Every textbook that sells funds the non-profit partner of your choice. Textbooks we are unable to sell are donated or recycled. No books will be sent to landfills.

Campus Textbook Drive Webinar Presentation (.ppt)

2017-2018 Program

The Campus Textbook Drive program makes it easier for chapters to raise more money, help break the cycle of poverty through literacy, and make a larger environmental impact on campus!

Sigma Tau Delta chapters will earn $1.00 for every accepted book (A-List).

The A-List (Accepted Books)

You like A's and BWB does too. Here are the books that make the grade "Accepted" to list for resell online.

  • College textbooks and study guides (clean and readable condition) with copyright dates from the past 10 years. Please do not send course packets or custom publications.
  • Workbooks with no missing pages and no writing.
  • Any book used in a college classroom.

Notes: Highlighting and/or writing in books is fine, as long as text is not obscured. Accompanying CDs are great to send along as well, but they are not required. To make sure your effort pays off, minimize collecting books from the community, thrift stores, general bookstore, etc., as these books typically do not qualify as accepted books.

The D-List (Don't Send It)

D is for "Don't send, recycle!" No matter how hard you try people will donate books that are in poor condition. Books with these defects will not be accepted and should not be sent to BWB.

  • Moldy
  • Water damaged
  • Missing parts
  • Broken bindings
  • Instructors' Editions, Exam Copies, Review Copies, Free Copies

To recycle bad condition books locally, Better World Books recommends


Exclusive Awards for Sigma Tau Delta

  1. Receive the BWB Textbook Drive Project Award: The winning chapter receives a $100 donation, sponsored by BWB, to give to a charity of their choice. The award will be presented at the Sigma Tau Delta annual convention.
  2. The chapters with the most collected "Accepted Books" are included on the Top 25 BWB/Sigma Tau Delta Campus Drive List.

Environmental and Literacy Impact

Since the start of our partnership with Better World Books campus drives (2009-2010 academic year), our participation has produced

  • Pounds of books diverted from landfills: over 200,000
  • Number of trees that waste diversion represents: over 2,500
  • Funds raised for literacy partners: over $12,000
  • Books donated to literacy partners: over 20,000

Every participating chapter receives an environmental report illustrating their chapter's environmental impact.

Five percent of the the net sales of the books collected and sent in by Sigma Tau Delta chapters will be donated to benefit a literacy initiative in the convention host city.

View the details of Better World Books environmental and literacy impact.

Start Your Better World Campus Textbook Drive Today!

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