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Submission Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Roundtable Submissions

Submissions Deadline

The submissions deadline for papers is Tuesday, November 1, 2011, 11:59 p.m.

Note: If you are submitting a paper proposal, follow the guidelines and instructions under: Paper Submissions.


In addition to submitting individual papers, students and Alumni Epsilon Chapter members* may propose roundtables on suggested topics or topics of general interest to both the discipline and the Society. Roundtables (formally called panels) should last 75 minutes in length, including Q & A. Roundtables are not a vehicle for the reading of papers. Instead these are designed to promote discussion and exploration of a selected topic, with all participants participating in active dialogue. Faculty may be moderators or participants in a roundtable, though the proposed roundtable would ideally include at least one student participant.

While the growing convention is an excellent indication of the value of this annual event, it will also result in a premium on space this year. Thus, competition for the number of roundtable slots available will be lively. Among equally persuasive proposals, priority will be given to those roundtables that include members from more than one chapter and/or that cover the convention theme or the 2012 Common Reader.

* Sigma Tau Delta members no longer affiliated with a college or university chapter must be members of the Sigma Tau Delta Alumni Epsilon Chapter to present at the convention.


Suggested topics are:

Topics will also be considered from other subjects that can best be explored in interactive, round-table discussions. Roundtables are not meant to be sets of correlated essays.

Document Format

Create a Word document using your title as the file name and save the file as a .doc or .docx. Your document must contain the following information:

Instructions for Roundtable Submissions

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Additional Submissions

Repeat the submission process to add a second submission. You can also exit and add a second submission at a later date.


Questions regarding the online submission process should be addressed to englishconvention@niu.edu.

Submission Confirmations

Submitters will receive confirmations and acceptances through email using the email address associated with their account. Therefore it is vital that submitters keep their email addresses active through February 2012.

Please check your confirmation and retain it. The confirmation email will include a four digit sequence number that may be used as a reference in future communications.

Acceptance and Denial Notifications

Acceptance and denial notifications will be emailed by January 6, 2012.