2012 Convention Stories

    Sigma Tau Delta Rocks: Sigma Tau Delta 2012 International Convention Reflections

    by Bob "Chaos" Durborow
    Far Western Associate Student Representative, 2012-2013
    Alpha Eta Nu Chapter
    Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT

    Bob 'Chaos' Durborow

    2012 was a good year.
    The Big Easy greeted this pen pusher
    with open arms, steamy weather and étouffée,
    while Sigma Tau Delta provided awesome authors,
    critical theory, touching tales, and potent poetry.

    I laughed, I cried, I ate the cupcakes,
    met new friends from there and here,
    gained new appreciation for the color black,
    fedora hats, walking sticks,
    and the brother/sisterhood of poets,
    that crosses state lines, gender, race,
    acknowledging no bias or boundary,
    taking all comers and touching their creative core.

    Internal batteries recharged,
    in the warm glow of acceptance,
    sincere admiration (scarcely deserved),
    common purpose and love of language,
    the printed word shaped and molded,
    into scene and scenario,
    eloquence defined in sibilant syllables,
    magnificent metaphors, delicious dichotomy.

    Memories made by the banks of the Big Muddy
    laced with ghostly strains of Jazz and Blues,
    will fade when my familiar western breeze
    reduces red rock to red sand,
    sources of inspiration and camaraderie
    to dwell in the vault of my mind,
    where I keep shiny things of little real value
    to anyone but me,
    and those who share my expectations.

    Parting was such sweet sorrow,
    though short lived, as
    my Facebook page exploded
    while I slept away the flight home.

    Of greatest import, as I reflect,
    stand the knowledge I am not alone...
    ...I'm really not alone...
    more than a thousand fellow writers
    representing two hundred chapters proved,
    "The pen is mightier than the sword,"
    (though we need a better way to express the concept).

    Sigma Tau Delta, despite its accidental acronym,
    needs no cure,
    cupcakes are good...
    ...but there is little to compare
    to a good FEAST.