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  1. Convention Update
  2. Chapter Annual Reports Showcase Noteworthy Activities
  3. Society Leadership Opportunities
  4. 2015 Summer Internships
  5. Chapter Tip: Recognition For Your Service Project

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What to Do in Albuquerque: Suggestions from UNM English Majors (Part 3)

What to Do in Albuquerque: Suggestions from UNM English Majors (Part 2)

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Convention Update

The Sigma Tau Delta 2015 International Convention will be held March 18-21 in Albuquerque, NM. Featured speakers for the 2015 Convention include: Gary Soto, Simon Ortiz, and Leslie Marmon Silko.

Early Registration is Now Open
Everyone attending the convention, including presenters and roundtable participants, must register. Those registering by January 26 will receive an early registration discount. Those doing so after the early registration deadline will pay the full fee. See Convention Registration for details.

Hotel Reservations
Go to Hotel Information for details on reservations, roommate requests, and ground transportation.

Paper Presentations and Roundtable Discussions
A tentative list of paper presentations and roundtable discussions is available on the website, and by January 15 all paper presenters must confirm their acceptance to assure a place in the schedule. The schedule of sessions will be posted on or before February 2.

Chapter Sponsor Moderators Needed
We are in need of Sponsors and other faculty members to serve as session moderators. If you are planning to attend the Albuquerque convention, please volunteer to moderate a session or two by completing the Faculty Moderator Volunteer form by January 15.

Program Events
Plan to arrive on Wednesday, March 18, to take full advantage of the convention. Wednesday evening's opening ceremony with Gary Soto will provide a stimulating start to the convention, and Thursday morning's workshops are not to be missed. Preview: Four-Day Convention Schedule

Chapter Annual Reports Showcase Noteworthy Activities

Prepare to be amazed! Sigma Tau Delta's annual chapter report/survey, emailed to Lead Sponsors each spring in mid-April, confirms what we already know—chapters of all sizes and funding levels are doing some very impressive things. Those that are particularly innovative, unique, and/or successful are added to a noteworthy activities database in the Chapter Life section of our website. Keywords such as "Fundraising," "Member Recruitment," "Service," and "Chapter Visibility," make it easy to find exactly the type of activities you are interested in, including useful details from the chapters that implemented them. If you are wondering what other chapters do, or looking for new ideas for your own chapter, these resources provide a virtual blueprint for success:

2013-2014 Survey Results
Noteworthy Activities Searchable Database

Society Leadership Opportunities

Sigma Tau Delta's student and alumni leaders are chosen at the international convention. These positions provide excellent opportunities for students to network, gain valuable leadership skills, and learn about how Sigma Tau Delta functions at the regional and Society levels.

Student Advisor
The two Student Advisors are actually voting members of the Board of Directors, attend fall and spring Board meetings (and the convention), and work closely with all the Student Representatives and Regents. Truly committed, organized, creative, and dependable members are invited to apply, by February 9, for one of the two Student Advisor positions. Applicants must be willing to make a two-year commitment to serve and must be student members of active chapters for their full 2015-2017 term.

Student Representative and Associate Student Representative
Student Representatives and Associate Student Representatives are elected at the annual convention by the student members of their region.

2015 Summer Internships

Monday, January 12, is the application deadline for the Better World Books six-week paid summer internship. It is offered to Sigma Tau Delta members who have or will be participating in a Better World Books Campus Book Drive. Beginning in early June 2015, the recipient will work 30 hours per week, earning $10 per hour, in Alpharetta, Georgia, in the Atlanta metro area. Sigma Tau Delta will provide the recipient an additional $1,500 stipend to assist with travel and housing expenses. The recipient will be announced at the annual convention.

Penguin Group (USA) is currently working on a new internship program. Details and application information will be available by the end of this month.

Chapter Tip: Recognition For Your Service Project

Has your chapter conducted a service project this year? Sigma Tau Delta Chapter Service Awards are designed to honor chapters with exemplary community service projects. For those selected projects the designated agency is awarded up to $500, and the chapter will receive a commemorative plaque honoring service. Applications are due on April 1.