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As we approach the start of a new academic year, we would like to inform you of a forthcoming change. Two years ago the Society launched EnglishMatters, an exclusive online network for students, alumni, and faculty members. Our aim was for it to function as an online platform for sharing discussions, events, and activities at the Society and chapter levels. We also hoped EnglishMatters would serve as a key career development site focused on facilitating mentoring and networking opportunities among current and alumni members.

While nearly 2,000 members have joined EnglishMatters, the site has not experienced the degree of activity, engagement, and use we anticipated. Limited support and resources are forcing us to suspend the account, effective August 21, giving you the opportunity to login to EnglishMatters to retrieve contact information for any networking connections you have made on the site.

We encourage you to continue your Sigma Tau Delta networking efforts through our various social media accounts, especially within our LinkedIn group. Furthermore, we encourage our followers to continue using our Society hashtag: #EnglishMatters. The sentiment remains central to Sigma Tau Delta’s social media presence—we report on English matters because all aspects of the field of English matter!

Please email Sigma Tau Delta with any questions or concerns regarding the suspension of the EnglishMatters site.