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Dear Sigma Tau Deltans,

On November 6, Sigma Tau Delta will launch EnglishMatters, our very own social media platform. EnglishMatters is housed through VineUp and will offer the ideal private online community for our Society. Sign up now, create your profile, and prepare for an exciting new Sigma Tau Delta experience!

In celebration, we are hosting a series of three competitions that span across our various social media platforms.

  1. English Matters Contest: November 2-6

    Everyone who posts to or tags us in our Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts with a message expressing why you think English matters will be entered in drawings for two $20 Amazon gift cards.

  2. Instagram Contest: November 9-19

    Post a picture of your favorite book to Instagram and tag us @englishmatters. All submissions will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card.

  3. YouTube Contest: November 16 - December 4

    By this point EnglishMatters will be live and you will have had the opportunity to explore the site in full. For this contest, contestants will create a YouTube video addressing why you are excited about EnglishMatters and what you like most about the site thus far. Be creative, and chapter participation is encouraged! Post links to the video in the comment thread for submissions on our Facebook page. The best video will win a $40 Amazon gift card and be posted to our YouTube channel.

All submissions must use the hashtag #EnglishMatters! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to see all the creative submissions and to learn who the winners are!

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