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Alumni Representative (AR)

To represent the voice of the alumni members of Sigma Tau Delta (i.e., members who are no longer students or who are graduate students at a program without a Sigma Tau Delta chapter), the Board of Directors has created the Alumni Representative position. The Board of Directors will appoint the successful candidate to a two-year term (with a two-term limit).


  1. The AR shall have graduated from an undergraduate program.
  2. The AR shall have been a member in good standing of an active chapter.

Alumni Duties

  1. Attend Board meetings in a non-voting capacity.
  2. Serve on Board committees as appointed.
  3. Promote Alumni opportunities.
  4. Direct and promote the online and social media presence of alumni.
  5. Promote community among alumni including welcoming new alumni members and encouraging alumni to continue to participate via local chapters and online networking.
  6. Represent the concerns of alumni to the Board.
  7. Submit an annual report to the Board.