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Social Media

Sigma Tau Delta has a number of social media outlets that work together to provide information to and facilitate interaction among Sigma Tau Deltans at the local, regional, and Society levels. 


Use Sigma Tau Delta’s Society hashtag, #EnglishHonor, to follow Society postings and when you post about your own chapter events and activities across social media. During convention time, look for our convention hashtag, which follows the pattern #yearEngCon (ex. #25engcon).


Is your chapter or region hosting a special event that you would like to share across the entire Society? Sign-up for an EnglishMatters Celebrity Takeover to gain access to Society social media accounts and share your event live.

See Social Media Management for tips and tricks on best practices for maintaining your chapter’s social media accounts. Learn what type and quantity of posts are most successful and at what time of day you should post on various platforms.

Email content, comments, or questions to Jessica McCole, or connect via direct messaging on social media.

Policy for the Use of Sigma Tau Delta's Name on Social Media

As a general rule, Sigma Tau Delta follows Northern Illinois University's social media policies. Your name and/or handle on any of your chapter social media accounts may include Sigma Tau Delta; however, it must be clear that your account represents an individual chapter, not the organization as a whole. Additionally, we encourage you to follow the Sigma Tau Delta Editorial Style Guide when posting on social media. In that vein, we ask you not to use the acronym STD in either your account name or in posts.