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Welcome New Members

Sigma Tau Delta membership offers you numerous scholarship, internship, and writing award possibilities. Truly, we hope you'll investigate and apply for these various opportunities shown in the right column. To explore more visit

Email News

As a member you will receive three types of news email.

  1. Footnotes is a free, email newsletter written specifically to keep all Sigma Tau Delta members abreast of the latest Society developments, offerings, and opportunities. It is broadcast by email every other week during the fall and spring semester.
  2. Wordy By Nature Blog, serves as a platform for in-depth conversation and exploration of ideas related to Society life. Written by Deltans, for Deltans, WORDY by Nature spotlights noteworthy activities and accomplishments by chapters and individual members, provides advice and insights from Sigma Tau Delta leadership, and offers each region an opportunity to showcase the unique literary landscape of their corner of the world.
  3. The English Convention Blog, provides updates for the Sigma Tau Delta annual conventions, so you won't miss an opportunity to submit a paper or roundatable; register to attend; and take full advantage of the exciting line-up of program events.