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Student Representative and Associate Student Representative Positions

The 2021-2022 Student Representatives (SRs) and Associate Student Representatives (ASRs) will be appointed by the corresponding Regent. There will be one SR and one ASR appointed for each of the six Regions. Please refer to the Chapter Directory to determine which region your chapter is in. 


  • Must be a Sigma Tau Delta member at a school with an active chapter; and
  • Must plan on attending a school with an an active chapter, within the Region you apply for, through the end of appointed one-year term (April 2021 – March 2022).

Application for SR and ASR (April 2021-March 2022)

Application Deadline: April 14, 2021
Applications Closed

Students may apply for SR and/or ASR positions (i.e. if you apply for both and are not selected for SR, you may still be selected as an ASR).

Application Documents / Information Required

  1. Upload your resume or CV.
  2. Provide the name and email address of one or more of your Sigma Tau Delta Chapter Advisors.
  3. Prepare to respond to questions regarding why you want to be a student leader, contributions you have made to your local chapter, and other leadership roles you have held or currently hold.

Selection Process

2021-2022 SRs and ASRs will be appointed by the corresponding Regent in April. Some Regents may conduct phone/Zoom interviews before appointing candidates.

Position Duties: Student Representative (SR)

Regional Duties

  1. Solicit input from members in the region regarding Society policies and activities. 
  2. Respond to concerns of students within region.
  3. Contribute to Society communications.
  4. Participate in official regional and Student Leadership Committee communications and activities.
  5. Contact Regent, ASR, and Student Leadership Committee at least once a month.
  6. Work closely with Regent in planning regional conferences or other activities.
  7. Keep a record of all correspondence during tenure.
  8. Send a note of welcome to new and reactivating chapters within region.
  9. Delegate a reasonable number of duties to the region's ASR.

Board and Convention Duties

  1. Attend all necessary Board and committee meetings.
  2. Serve on Student Leadership and other committees as appointed by Society President.
  3. Aid in the development and implementation of the Student Leadership Workshop.
  4. Submit an annual report of activities to the Board.
  5. Represent concerns of students within region.
  6. Attend international convention (Board-funded).
  7. Moderate regional meetings and activities.
  8. Host official Student Leadership Committee activities, including the Leadership Workshop, social events, and other activities as necessary.
  9. Introduce, preside, and/or moderate sessions and activities as designated by the convention chair.

Position Duties: Associate Student Representative (ASR)

  1. The ASR shall assist the SR in all regional duties listed above.
  2. Advise the Student Leadership Committee and SR on annual report of activities to the Board.
  3. Contact the SR and Regent to report concerns of students within the region.
  4. Serve on Student Leadership Committee and other Board committees as appointed.
  5. If attending convention, assist with registration, regional meetings, panels, and convention activities when possible and appropriate.

If, as assessed by the Regent, the SR should not be able to complete their duties, the ASR will take over the position, title, and duties as specified by the Sigma Tau Delta Constitution/organization. 

Because the ASRs duties are primarily regional, those elected to the position cannot be Board-funded to attend Board meetings or the international convention; however, some regional funding may be available to assist ASRs with travel to the international convention.