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Centennial Challenge

Celebrating our Centennial is far more than offering up an “huzzah!” for the 100-year anniversary of Sigma Tau Delta’s charter. Such a momentous occasion asks us as a Society to imagine what our next one hundred years will look like—and to reimagine how to honor and recognize our members.

Giving Back

You have probably been asked at some point in your life to “pay it forward” or to “give back” to a college or program, organization, or charitable cause. Giving back isn’t simply monetary; giving time, insight, feedback, expertise, energy (or any combination of those) can be as important as, or more powerful than, dollars and cents. For many of our members and chapters, giving back is essential to the work they do with Sigma Tau Delta.

Whether your chapter has been thinking about its future 100 for 100 or has been a grant or award recipient, you recognize that the efforts you put in may also translate into necessary funding for others. Indeed, fundraising is another place where our chapters excel, and giving back to the cities in which we host annual conventions has become an important, ongoing goal. Sigma Tau Delta has been more actively inviting donors to give directly to the Society.

A Centennial Challenge

I am issuing this friendly Centennial challenge to each and every chapter of Sigma Tau Delta: Can your chapter donate an amount in honor of the Centennial to the Society during this celebratory year? Could you collect 100 pennies, commit to $1.92[4], chip in for $19.24, fundraise for $100 or $192.40, or (let’s dream big) sponsor the entire $1,924 for one of our Centennial scholarships?

Every donation will count; all challenge amounts chapters raise and submit this year will go directly toward funding the new 1924 Scholarship (and may even increase the number of 1924 Scholarships we can offer). In short, your chapter can directly help to celebrate amazing, mission-driven members . . . including your own!

And how amazing would it be if all chapters accepted this challenge?!