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Outstanding Chapter Award (up to $500 and a plaque)

About the Award

Sigma Tau Delta's Outstanding Chapter Award is designed to recognize local chapters that have exhibited outstanding motivation, creativity, and service in the preceding year. Award recipients will receive a check for up to $500 and a plaque. Winning chapters may also receive up to $350 in travel assistance for sending at least one student representative to the annual convention and bringing a chapter exhibit.


Any active chapter is eligible to apply for an Outstanding Chapter Award, but no chapter may receive an Outstanding Chapter Award in consecutive years. Active chapters are also eligible to apply for a Service Award and/or a Chapter Service Project Grant and may use relevant information assembled for the Outstanding Chapter Award application when applying for a Service Award and/or a Project Grant. Specific application requirements are posted with each award description.

How to Apply

Submit the application by email from a Chapter Advisor's school email address. By emailing the application, the Chapter Advisor is attesting to the accuracy of the materials.

  1. address the email to;
  2. in the subject line, type OUTSTANDING CHAPTER AWARD;
  3. ATTACH the following two (2) items as Word documents (doc or docx) or in PDF, titled with Outstanding Chapter first followed by the abbreviated name of your school and then each of the bolded headings below:
    Examples: Outstanding Chapter MYU narrative.doc; Outstanding Chapter MYU annual report
    1. Applicant Information and Narrative
      1. List the following first, preceding the narrative:
        • Chapter and school
        • Name and contact information of chapter officer preparing the application (mail and email addresses, phone numbers)
        • Name and contact information for the Chapter Advisor(s) (mail and email addresses, phone numbers)
        • Number of active members
      1. Provide written narrative, not to exceed 750 words, describing your chapter, including
        • List of any chapter activities or events which are not covered on Chapter Annual Report form
        • List of any honors received by the chapter or by student members of the chapter
        • Description of chapter programs designed for the university and/or community
        • Description of cooperative programs with other local or national honor societies, or other Sigma Tau Delta chapter
        • Descriptions of participation in regional or international Sigma Tau Delta conferences and conventions
        • Description of any other activities that you believe are relevant and important
    2. Chapter Annual Report for 2023-2024 (Print your copy at the completion of your survey report.
  4. ATTACH up to three (3) items of supporting documentation in Word (doc or docx) or in PDF, (such as flyers, news stories, playbills, photos, web links, journals, etc.). Give each supporting item a title that begins with Outstanding Chapter MYU and then give each supporting item a label which identifies the type of artifact:
    Examples: Outstanding Chapter MYU journal.pdf; Outstanding Chapter MYU photos.pdf; Outstanding Chapter MYU newspaper; etc.

Deadline and Dates

Applications must be completed and received by June 15, 2024. No late submissions will be accepted. Chapters selected for recognition will be notified by the committee. Awards will be determined over the summer and announced in the fall.