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Outstanding Literary Arts Journal Award

Literary Arts Journals coordinated and supervised by Sigma Tau Delta chapters (even if they receive funding from other sources) are eligible for the Sigma Tau Delta Literary Arts Journal Award. Print and digital format


  1. The journal was produced during the previous (2022-2023) academic year.
  2. The journal was produced with involvement of Sigma Tau Delta chapter members in a varety of ways (submission, collection, selection, editing, and construction of the journal.)
  3. The journal follows the publication guidelines of the chapter's college or university.
  4. The journal contains a statement that clearly describes the involvement of the chapter in the production of the journal.
  5. First place recipients cannot apply the following year.

Application requirements

  • Complete the online application where you will be asked to upload a PDF of your journal.
  • If the journal is a print edition, please mail two printed copies of the journal to
    Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
    English - HS #321
    Northern Illinois University
    180 W. Stadium Drive
    DeKalb, IL 60115

Application Dates

Applications will be accepted through November 6, 2023. The AwardSpring web link will be posted on the AwardSpring web page during the application dates.

Either a chapter student member or a Chapter Advisor may apply through AwardSpring. A Chapter Advisor who already has a reviewer account on the AwardSpring platform will need to set up a new application account consisting of an email address different from the one used for their reviewer account. Please contact regarding any questions related to account set up.


Outstanding Literary Arts Award submissions are being accepted through the Sigma Tau Delta AwardSpring Application. If you have used AwardSpring previously to apply for another Sigma Tau Delta Award you already have an account. More about your AwardSpring account.


Online Account Set-up

You already have an online account if you have previously

  • submitted a paper or roundtable proposal for the international convention
  • registered for the international convention
  • submitted a paper for the Sigma Tau Delta journals

To access your account, use the same email address and password you previously used. If you have forgotten your account, type in your email address and at least five characters in "password." The system will reply to you via email with the actual password. You will then be able to log onto the system.

If you do not have an online account, you must first set up your account. Create a password containing at least five characters.

All confirmations and follow-up communication will be sent to the email address you used to set up your account.

Step 1: Authors

After you have successfully logged on, choose: Submitter Account | Add As Author/Co-Author.
Note: Sigma Tau Delta only allows one author.

Choose the Continue button at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Add Submission

  1. Choose: Continue button.
  2. Title: Type in the title of your journal.
  3. Attach your journal document as a pdf. You file size must be less than 25 MG.
    • Upload your document directly from your computer. Uploading your document from an external drive or web location may cause an upload error.
    After you browse and select your file, you must click the ATTACH button.
    Attach Submission
  4. Select one of the following from the "Presentation Type" drop-down list.
    • Online and Print Journal
    • Online Only Journal
    • Print Only Journal

Step 3: Answer Application Questions

  1. Did you follow the publication guidelines of your college or university?
  2. Does the journal contain a statement that clearly states the involvement of your chapter in its production?
  3. Indicate the percentage of involvement of Sigma Tau Delta chapter members toward completion of
    • soliciting manuscripts;
    • judging manuscripts;
    • accepting and rejecting manuscripts;
    • editing and publishing manuscripts;
    • formatting the journal (cover art, stylistic features, etc.); and
    • other matters pertaining to the creation, publication, and distribution of the manuscript (please specify)
  4. Choose your Chapter's state and school from the drop-down list.
  5. List Chapter Advisor's name and email address.
  6. Click Continue and review the information for your submission.

Questions regarding the online submission process should be addressed to